About Focus Tutoring Wollongong

Teagan has worked as a high school Science teacher for the past 7+ years. She is qualified to teach Year 7 – 10 Science, and Year 11 – 12 Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

After completing an Advanced Science degree with Honours in Chemistry and Biology, Teagan went on to complete her Diploma of Education. She was recognised as a “targeted graduate”, gaining full-time employment due to her passion for teaching and consistent high results.

Teagan’s philosophy in the classroom is centred around all students achieving their personal best in a positive and supportive learning environment. She recognises that all students are different; their learning styles are different, their interests are different, and they are all going to achieve to a variety of levels. This is what makes teaching so unique and rewarding! Teagan has a background in Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL), and the rapport she builds with students allows her to differentiate her teaching style to ensure students get whatever they seek from each lesson.

Focus Tutoring Wollongong holds 2 hour sessions dedicated to specific year groups and their syllabus course content. There will also be a consistent focus on exam techniques and study skills, whilst learning how to maximise marks in past paper exam questions.

There is a maximum of 7 students in each class, which will allow for collaborative discussion about the content, as well as individual work time. Every effort goes into ensuring our students are comfortable whilst studying, so they can focus on their subject material. Facilities provided are a fridge, microwave, kettle, tea and coffee, and soft drinks.

Each session is pay-as-you-go at the start of each Wollongong class, or you can purchase a Keen Beans card.

Teagan WWCC: WWC1197578E
Rhys WWCC: WWC1930302E