The Timetable for our 2024 classes can be found below. Be sure to regularly check our website or Facebook / Instagram page for any weekend study sessions (usually close to the HSC). If a busy exam period (or the HSC) is close, additional classes may be run as required.

Please call us if you need assistance with tutoring for years 7 – 10, and individual tutoring for all maths levels. All maths tutoring in Wollongong is now done in a face-to-face format which can be customised to suit your schedule.

Timetable for our current classes can be found here. Weekday schedule for chemistry, biology, maths and physics for local Illawarra Tutoring.

Maximize Value, Minimize Cost: Group classes offer an affordable way to access high-quality tutoring. The shared learning environment fosters engagement and peer support, while still allowing individualized attention from our experienced tutors. By joining a group class, you can benefit from a structured learning plan, interactive activities, and the collective knowledge of your peers. Remember, smaller focused groups also mean more personalised guidance and interaction with the tutor. To explore the specific benefits and pricing of our group class timetable contact our friendly team for a personalised consultation.