All group classes are $30 per hour. During the classes, students will have access to a dedicated teacher in a small, supportive classroom environment. If it is easier to manage the payments in bulk, we do have a Keen Beans offer available to all families.

Students are welcome to bring along questions from content covered in school, assessment tasks and relevant homework.

In addition, all students will have full access to the contents of our fridge, tea and coffee making facilities, and anything else that has made its way to the kitchenette.

Experiment sessions are the same as our Science classes, at $30 per hour.

Open-study sessions (infrequently run) are $30 per hour, and our scheduled tutor is there to provide general help when needed. The open-study sessions are useful if there is a large assignment or test approaching. Just like regular sessions, students will have full access to the kitchenette.

Our maths delivery covers all levels of maths tutoring and is a 1-on-1 format. One of our tutors will travel to you for a 2-hour session. These sessions are $60/hr as they are more focused on the students needs, incorporate travel, and are more customisable to your weekly schedule. Thus, maths is ineligible for Keen Beans.