Physics Tutor Wollongong (Year 11 and 12)

Don’t be like Newton and wait for an apple to hit you on the head! Enrol with us to learn about how to improve your Nerf Gun accuracy, how to create electrical circuits to understand how your home operates, and discover the weird and wonderful properties of light. As a leading Wollongong Physics Tutor, we will help you find your HSC success!

Physics is the study of matter and energy and their interactions. Physics can look at things as small as what is inside subatomic particles, all the way to how did the Universe form.

Physics tutor Wollongong at Focus Tutoring

The Physics syllabus is highly mathematical, and students need to have a high level of confidence in applying their math skills, whilst thinking creatively. We focus on completing a range of past exam papers and thinking logically and practically in order to improve students confidence and problem solving skills. No matter the level of maths you are studying, we can help you transfer your skills to Physics.

We also assist students in the completion of their compulsory Physics Depth Studies in both Year 11 and Year 12 HSC.

We cover all areas of the syllabus (see below for modules).

Year 11 – Preliminary

  • Module 1 – Kinematics
  • Module 2 – Dynamics
  • Module 3 – Waves and Thermodynamics
  • Module 4 – Electricity and Magnetism

Year 12 – HSC

  • Module 5 – Advanced Mechanics
  • Module 6 – Electromagnetism
  • Module 7 – The Nature of Light
  • Module 8 – From the Universe to the Atom

Science can be mind-blowing, but sometimes it feels like your brain is stuck in molasses. Obviously, that’s where tutors come in! They help you blast through tough concepts, level up your skills, and keep the learning flame burning bright. So, don’t wait – grab your metaphorical lab coat and embark on a scientific adventure with a tutor by your side!